Improve Customer Engagement With Digital Menu Boards
Apr 27 2023

The flat-screen menu shown inside or outside the establishment may be recognizable to you if you’ve ever visited a fast food restaurant or takeaway location. These are known as digital menu boards, a kind of menu created to speed up the ordering process by enabling you to see the menu items.

Despite their advantages, a digital menu board is not present in every business. This is mostly because these digital menus are rather expensive, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Is it reasonable to conclude that digital menu boards for takeaways or any other type of business aren’t worth the money they cost? They aren’t just for decoration; they may also be a wise investment because they have a variety of additional advantages.

A Summary Of Customer Interaction

Customer engagement, as its name suggests, relates to how “engaged” a customer is with your business. It seems sensible that you would want your clients to feel as involved as possible. Any plan to increase customer engagement is fundamentally a plan to develop a good rapport with consumers. The benefits of this favorable association will then multiply. 

One benefit is that it increases client loyalty, which means that customers are more likely to purchase further goods and services from your company. Additionally, it means that customers are less inclined to buy from your rivals. Increasing customer engagement is difficult, but a digital menu board accomplishes several things that make it simpler to do.

It Addresses One Of The Most Typical Difficulties For The Consumers 

Smaller menus can be found in places like takeout restaurants. A client cannot choose their order until they are in front of the line if the menu is only available at the top of the counter. This might cause delays unless your customers have committed the menu to memory. After all, each consumer will probably need some time to learn about the options before selecting one. Having larger letters than normal menus on a digital menu board fixes this issue. What does this have to do with retaining customers, then?

Addressing customer concerns is one of the finest strategies to increase customer engagement. Customers feel more engaged when you demonstrate that you pay attention to their requests and concerns and take the time to develop solutions that address them. As you might have predicted, one particular complaint that many consumers have about places with difficult menus is the aforementioned problem with order delays. By resolving this problem, you may demonstrate your honesty and raise client satisfaction.

Electronic Menu Boards Keep Your Clients Informed

Another strategy to increase customer involvement is to inform consumers about current updates and changes to your company. For this reason, many businesses set up their social media profiles on the web where they publish updates on their operations for the benefit of their audience.

That is only one method of informing customers. Even though they operate on a much smaller scale than social media platforms, digital menu boards can nonetheless provide the same effect.

In that you may modify the content of digital menu boards using a remote, they are extremely similar to televisions in that regard. You may change the menu board with your options by using the remote. For instance, you may let your consumers know about a new burger recipe you have developed by posting a poster of it on the board.

Of course, there are far less expensive methods to do this, including using pamphlets and posters. However, using this functionality of digital menu boards for consumer updates is just one use.

Entertainment May Be Found On Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board is, as was already mentioned, essentially a television. Not just because you have control over its content, but also because it may show dynamic as well as static visuals. In other words, you may use the menu board to amuse clients who are waiting. 

You could, for instance, make a video ad for a certain product and play it through the screen. Customers will enjoy their time better since they have something to look at instead of worrying about the potentially lengthy wait time.

A Customer’s Appetite May Be Piqued By Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards may pique your clients’ appetites in addition to serving as a source of amusement. This study found that seeing images of food might make people feel hungry. 

Although some would contend that you can accomplish the same using brochures, that isn’t always the case. Since ink naturally ages, the images would gradually lose their allure or appeal. Digital photos, however, don’t, therefore it’s still useful in the present. In other words, digital menu boards may keep your clients interested by keeping them hungry.

You May Show A Variety Of Information On Digital Menu Boards

When customers are better informed about your company’s services than they are about those of rival businesses, they have a more incredible feeling of engagement. People would feel better at ease purchasing your goods or services if you were upfront about your ingredients, for instance. This is especially true for vegans, who depend heavily on ingredient lists to figure out which products are vegan.

As fate would have it, you can use digital menu boards to address this issue as well.

Let’s say you must make your product’s nutritional facts and ingredient list public. Typically, you would make a page and post it on your official website.

These types of information may be shown on a digital menu board’s screen extremely easily and fast. Additionally, you may provide details like calories, allergy information, and other statistics. All of these, nevertheless, will highlight your company as a trustworthy and open operation.

Final Thoughts

Digital menu boards are unquestionably an expensive investment. However, because of its adaptability and ease, many business owners believe that this piece of advertising technology is worth the price. The key to getting the most benefit out of digital menu boards is choosing the appropriate material to display to your consumers.

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