Google My Business: How Does It Work
Dec 20 2022

Every company is founded on the premise that customers would find the good or service it provides. Online marketing for a business, no matter what kind it may be, is crucial in the digital age.

You must get used to the technological resources that support the online expansion of your company. You cannot ignore the truth. So, if you’re wondering how to go about it, use Google My Business (GMB), formerly known as Google Business Profile. Small and local businesses stand to gain the most from GMB.

You have an advantage over your rivals who haven’t listed their business by adding yours to Google My Business. When a customer searches on Google for the goods or services you provide, it increases traffic to your website. Google Maps is used to direct users to your services.

How can you use Google My Business to help your company grow?

Establishing the account

View the steps for creating a Google My Business account

  • Register for a Google account.
  • Name of your company
  • Choose the relevant category.
  • Include your company’s address and contact details.
  • Verification

Make a Google account first

To start with, a Google account is required in order to build your listing. Make a Google account if you don’t already have one. Google the phrase “create Google account.” It will take you to the screen shown above, where you can easily establish a Google account with the necessary information.

Define your company

Go to “” after signing in with your Google account. Try typing the name of your company into the search box to see if it comes up. If it does, you are entitled to ownership of the company. If it doesn’t, you will need to make your listing.

Choose the relevant category

Select your company’s category after that. To keep the visitor from becoming confused, choose the nearest category.

Include your company’s address

If you have a shop on-site, you can enter the location in this stage. You can add your store’s location if you have an outlet. If your company provides services, you can include the region in which you operate.

Contact details

Include your phone number and other contact details so that visitors can reach you if they so choose. You might include the web address of your website so that visitors—possibly future customers—can see your goods or services more clearly.


Verify your ownership by sending yourself a letter that has a PIN that you must enter to prove that you are the owner of the company. When you mail the account for verification, you must include your name.

It is preferable if you gather the information that is required for each phase of the setup process. Your listing’s chances of performing well in the search engine rankings increase with its level of depth.

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A Google My Business profile after setup looks like this.

Optimizing: Launch your GMB profile

After creating the account, you must perform search engine optimization, often known as SEO, on your business profile for Google in order for it to function at its best.

You must appropriately utilize a few GMB platform capabilities in order to optimize your business profile. Let’s examine why these data are important to consider when optimizing your business profile and how they affect how well your company performs online.

Complete all steps and look everywhere you can

  • Relevant contact details
  • Categories & Attributes for Photos
  • Questions & Reviews
  • Regular posting is advised

Complete all steps 

Try to fill out every field about your company that the platform requires. Because full profiles and listings are more likely to rank highly in Google.

Relevant contact details

Give your company’s name exactly as it appears on the board of your shop or outlet. Google also considers any contradictions that may result from the name. Therefore, make sure that your company’s name is the same across all platforms. Additionally, include your company’s phone number.

Include your opening and closing times. And be sure to often update your outlet’s hours. Ensure that you change the status of your availability if, due to an emergency, the store is unable to remain open during regular business hours. If not, you run the risk of losing a customer who finds your store online but leaves disappointed if it’s closed.

Add Photos

A photo-rich profile is a sign that the business listing is real. Additionally, it raises the listing’s prominence. If a company listing features images, it is more likely to be mentioned in search results. You may demonstrate that you are current and active on the platform by regularly posting images to your profile. Additionally, it is possible for others to contribute images to your business profile. Your collection of images will be rich (in terms of diversity) once you’ve added all of your own and other people’s photos. The more images you have, the more people will use Google Maps to get directions, and those individuals are more likely to visit your website so they can learn more about your company.

Attributes & Categories

Your categories should be as detailed as you can make them. When consumers look for something relating to your business, this is highly important for your listing. Indirect searches account for a sizable portion of views on a Google Business profile. Bright Local’s GMB data show that discovery searches account for 84% of all company searches. If you have selected the appropriate category, Google may display your Business profile when a customer searches for a phrase associated with your company. Consider including characteristics that are unique to that category. For instance, select “Chinese restaurant” rather than “restaurant” if your establishment serves Chinese food. Mention whether your hair salon is gender-specific if you have one.

“Home Delivery” could be a category that a restaurant owner should think about including. Mention whether your salon is gender-specific if you have one.

Add attributes that pertain to your category after choosing the pertinent categories. “Dine-in” or “take-out” attributes could be appropriate for a restaurant.

Questions & Reviews

Reviews show how well-known your company is. Inquire about the opinions of the clients you can reach about the goods or services they have used. If asked, most individuals will agree to review. Visitor decisions to your business profile are influenced by reviews. Which listing would you pick if you had to choose between one with and one without customer reviews? You have an advantage over rivals who lack reviews if your business profile contains reviews.

Spend some time answering each question or comment. It will help your company. If a consumer is dissatisfied with your service or product, respond to them politely and ask for their comments. Your credibility will increase as a result of all this contact, both in Google’s and users’ perceptions.

Regular posting is advised

Post your special deals, your organized events, and other business-related updates. Post information about any increase in the number of rooms available and any pertinent information.

You can change the information in your business listing as needed if you so want. You also have a dashboard where you can keep an eye on your Google My Business profile.

All of the aforementioned aspects give your business profile a finished appearance. These particulars may seem insignificant, yet they have a significant impact on how well the business listing performs overall. These minute features improve the company’s search engine visibility.


Given the speed at which businesses are expanding online following the epidemic, having an internet presence is crucial for small enterprises (or any business for that matter). Digital marketing is at its height right now thanks to the lockdown brought on by COVID-19. You must concentrate on your company’s internet expansion if you want to outpace your rivals.

By turning the people who are searching for your services on Google My Business’ radar into paying clients, it helps you establish that presence.

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