12 Successful Conversion-Driven Strategies To Attract Your First Customers
Mar 20 2023

Digital marketing is always evolving. Despite this, small company marketers are constantly looking for new strategies to draw in internet clients. This entails adjusting internet marketing tactics and keeping an eye on rivals. They can rapidly determine which strategies work and which do not if they do this.

To attract new clients to convert, for instance, numerous marketers have used sponsored marketing. There are other ways to get momentum for your brand and company then sponsored advertisements. The following list of 17 conversion-focused internet tactics will assist attract clients to your business:

Implement Marketing Automation

Numerous options exist now thanks to automation and customisation to increase conversion rates. Software for marketing automation frequently contains:

  • Your consumers will receive smart email sequences at the appropriate time
  • On-site advertising efforts that target specific users with discounts and coupons
  • Smart chatbot providing real-time assistance to your clients

A number of clever methods for optimising client relationships are available with the comprehensive small company management platform vitae, including:

  • Live digital event lead capture, Google My Business, and an adaptable customer portal
  • SMS service appointment reminders and nurturing marketing
  • clever segmentation and lovely email marketing campaigns
  • Cross-channel marketing initiatives powered by CRM

Increase the Page Speed of Your Website

Page speed is important since it increases the effectiveness of your website. Additionally, an effective website may provide a wonderful user experience. In fact, if your page takes longer than three seconds to load, 25% of people will just go. Mobile users anticipate speed as well. The same is true for page speed, which may have a big influence on your conversion rates. According to a survey from Walmart.com, their conversion rate rises each time they raise the speed of their website.

Furthermore, it is well-recognised that one of the most crucial Google ranking elements is page speed and on-page experience. The same thing goes for your mobile page speed, as well. Here’s a detailed guide on speeding up your website.

Provide a No-Risk Trial

One strategy for attracting more clients is to provide a free trial. Most individuals wouldn’t know whether a certain item or service is ideal for them before they gave it a try. You can offer consumers a low beginning price if you believe that your item or service does not suit this pricing scheme. They will feel more at ease making a first investment if you do that. Additionally, it will decrease their propensity to doubt the calibre of your offering.

Produce a Viral Marketing Video

Videos have been a helpful tool for marketers to advertise their goods and services. You may present your business to potential customers through videos and establish enduring relationships with them. Additionally, videos can improve your SEO. A good video will increase viewer attention, increase engagement, and increase traffic to your website. This is significant since one of Google’s key ranking variables is the quality of the traffic and click-through rates. Your website will rank higher on SERPs, or search engine results pages, the more visitors and hits it receives.

Benefit from Facebook Marketing

With numerous benefits, Facebook has emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. It’s not just for personal use to stay in touch with loved ones; it can also be a useful tool for company promotion.

This platform is great for company owners searching for an affordable approach to advertising their brand. Additionally, Facebook gives them a platform to reach potential clients.

The advantages of Facebook marketing are as follows:

  • It offers a cheap marketing plan.
  • It provides two-way contact between business owners and customers, making it a fantastic platform for the exchange of business information.
  • It’s an affordable method of increasing brand recognition.
  • It enables you to gather client information and quickly test your marketing funnel.

Launch a Live Chat

Another tool you should have in your toolbox is live chat. Your conversion rates will go up and your income will rise if you give users timely answers to their questions.

Many clients like a live chat over more conventional methods like phone and email. Nobody like having to wait for a response, and receiving automated chat answers just makes the situation worse. Live chat will provide your consumers with prompt, individualised customer service. Additionally, it offers them a convenient and accommodating purchasing experience. Your ability to offer swift, on-the-spot answers will aid in hastening your customers’ purchasing decisions.

People prefer to be heard, and live chat certainly provides that feeling. There are many different live chat options available for you to try. It will be simpler to attain client satisfaction if concerns are handled more personally. And this could influence them to buy more favourably.

Start a Blog of Your Own

You may be wondering if blogging is still relevant if you are guest posting and using a variety of social media sites. You should consider your blog to be the main centre for all the useful stuff you publish online. starting a blog will move you in the correct way if you want to be a trusted influencer in your business or a thought leader.

Consider launching a blog on a different domain to keep your business distinct. You will have greater freedom to try out new themes and perspectives in this manner. To start, Namify can help you come up with a catchy blog name:

Make Clients Brand Ambassadors

People who are brand ambassadors are familiar with and enthusiastic about the goods and services you provide. They could also be satisfied clients of your business. Mind you, these clients are more than happy to tell their friends and followers about their experiences on social media. Online shopping is anticipated to be displayed by millennials. But either way, this is either a compliment or a criticism of you.

Customers will recommend your goods and services to their friends and family if they are happy with them. They will spread the word about you to those they know, which promotes brand recognition.

People no longer have faith in brands. They do hold a firm belief in their clients. Positive endorsements from third parties are more likely to be trusted than the brand itself.

Incorporate Strong Calls to Action

Your website should include a call to action or the action you want visitors to do. How can you influence how they behave? With a strong call to action in place, you can. Therefore, always add a call to action on your website, social media postings, and product sites. If you don’t ask for it in the first place, they won’t ever do anything. More essential, be mindful of your readability and give clear instructions.

Use Data-driven Marketing

When it comes to creating content for their audience, marketers frequently follow their instincts. They believe they already “know” what their clients are looking for. But frequently they are mistaken.

As one of the finest methods to delight people, it is crucial to first acquire data about what they desire.

Let’s imagine you wish to promote your company. Do you choose an advertisement that you enjoy, or do you choose a template that has consistently done well over time? To find the material that performs the best, you may do A/B testing. Quiz marketing is an additional strategy for generating leads while better knowing your target audience.

Give Your Customers’ Needs Priority

The ideal situation would be if you customised your company to meet the wants of your clients. If you don’t do this, you risk losing both your clients and your business. What then are your company objectives? What objectives do your buyers have when utilising your goods or services? To help your clients be satisfied, you should ideally align these objectives.

Personalization is another tool you should utilise to draw in and convert more consumers. People are more willing to conduct business with you or buy from you when they feel that your product is better suited to their requirements. You may provide product recommendations to your current clients based on their purchasing habits. This is used by businesses like Amazon and eBay to please their consumers.

Include Endorsements and Reviews

The majority of individuals try to reduce hazards as much as they can. That is precisely why you need to persuade them via testimonials and customer evaluations. Your potential customers want to know what previous and current customers of your products think about it.

Honesty is the key to managing reviews. Always have an open mind when you read unfavourable or negative evaluations. Simply having favourable product reviews makes some people wary of you. Reviews and customer testimonials demonstrate to potential customers that you have previously pleased many customers.


It might be difficult to attract e-commerce clients, especially if you run a small firm. However, using just one or two of the strategies on this list might work wonders for your internet business. You can quickly determine which techniques will be successful for your brand by testing several ideas at first and evaluating the outcomes. Good fortune!

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